The Dell Streak's US launch has been a long time coming. After all, on this side of the Atlantic we have been able to get the mammoth phone/tablet for a couple of months now - and we've even been able to get an unlocked version since the end of June.

But now, it seems like the wait might finally be over for our American cousins. BGR is reporting that when it clicked the pre-order button it got the following message:

"Our Dell Streak pre-sale sign-up opportunity is no longer available. Please visit tomorrow to purchase your Dell Streak".

In its place, over at Dell, there is now a sign-up page where you can reserve the right to get your Streak as part of a 24-hour "pre-sale opportunity".

The details go on to say that the Dell Streak will be available in "late July".

With this info and the message BGR got, we're going out on a limb by guessing that the pre-sale day will be 28 July. Or maybe the 29th (or possibly the 30th or 31st). Yeah, we think we've got our bases covered there.

Whatever the actual date, one thing is clear - the Dell Streak is hitting the US market in the very near future. But is it worth all of the fuss?

Check out our review to find out.