The Dell Streak, Dell's 5-inch Android-powered tablet has gone on sale in the UK, but with a decidedly phone-like pricing and tariff.

The phone/tablet that was first announced at CES in January has also managed to get a US price and release date as well, but won't see the shops for another month.

In the UK the Dell Streak will be available exclusively on O2 for the time being, at prices starting from £25 a month and £149 for the 16GB model on a 24-month contract with 100 minutes of calls. Those looking to push the boat out can opt for an unlimited data and texts package for £60 a month. The handset is free.

Those not so keen to get signed up for 2 years can opt for an 18-month contract, but don't expect the prices to get any cheaper. The unlimited everything package is £5 more coming in at £65.

If you want to just go for a data package and forgo the urge to make calls on the device then O2 is offering a range of data only contracts as well.

Users can opt to pay £449 for the device on a 1-month data package that comes with 1GB of data, but the best package is a Dell Streak 16GB model on a 24-month contract with 3GB of monthly data for £25 a month - still incredibly pricey when put against the Apple iPad.

In the US meanwhile, Dell has confirmed at the D8 Conference in Los Angeles that it will be selling the Dell Streak contract free for $500 making it the same price as the iPad.

Do you think these prices and tariffs stand up, are they enough to lure prospective customers away from the iPad? Have your say in the comments below.