Dell's 5-inch Internet tablet is to be called the Dell Mini 5 according to the company, suggesting that it will fit in its portable products range as the second handset to follow the Dell Mini 3 and slot in under the "Mini" range of netbooks.

Dell told Pocket-lint the news at an exclusive round table event with a handful of journalists at its suite in the Palm's hotel in Las Vegas.

The phone-come-Internet tablet (announced at CES at the Dell press conference on Wednesday) has yet to get a launch date, or in typical Dell teaser style, any tech spec details.

Through further conversations with Dell we've also found out that the new Dell Mini 5 will feature a SIM card slot for use outside of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

It will be available in a range of colours including pink and black, not just the red that we saw at the launch. The prototype version we had played with was running Android version 1.6.

It will sport 2 cameras, one 5-megapixel offering on the back and a forward facing one on the front.

It will boast a multitouch display and it will ship with a headset, after safety concerns that holding something so large up against your face would be dangerous.

UPDATE: We've added four official Dell pics to the end of the gallery.