Dell has announced that US operator AT&T will join China Mobile and Claro in Brazil to become the next mobile operator to offer its Mini 3 Android-based phone.

The Mini 3 sports a 3.5-inch, 640 x 360 widescreen display, built-in GPS, a 3-megapixel camera with video capture, flash and auto-focus, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot supporting cards up to 32GB.

Dell and AT&T say they will provide "today’s social media mavens with the ability to simultaneously tweet friends, post Facebook updates, share pictures and browse the Web".

The Mini 3 is the first next-gen phone from Dell, and a launch on a US network could be seen to suggest that there will be more models to come if this proves successful. 

AT&T are due to offer the device - its first Android phone - during the first half of 2010, at which point more info and pricing will be revealed.