E-Ink has announced on that both Casio and Hitachi will use its E Ink Vixplex Imaging Film for the outside displays of their new clamshell phones.

Although it's unlikely these models will make it to the UK, it's a notable launch from the fact that they are the first clamshells in the world to use E-Ink's electronic paper technology - with more models promised.

The electronic ink displays are clearly visible in direct sunlight, offer 180-degree viewing angles, are flexible and thin, and drain very little energy from the phone's battery.

The 2.7-inch diagonal E-Ink display in the W61H Hitachi model scrolls through 96 different images when a call or message is received or the phone is opened.

The Casio phone's E-Ink displays will show information such as time, battery life, signal strength and incoming call information.

Both phones will go on sale via mobile phone operator KDDI in Japan later this year.