In the midst of UMPC news craziness, Carphone Warehouse has announced the launch of a 10.2-inch UMPC, an ultraportable "webbook", powered by Elonex Technology.

The mobile phone retailer says it is ahead of the market with the webbook being the world's first of its kind 10.2-incher and will offer the device this month from free on contract, exclusively in their stores across the country and online.

Weighing in at 1.3kg the webbook offers basic word processing and producing spreadsheets, offers either Linux or Windows XP and integrated Wi-Fi, web browser, three USB ports, a 1.6GHz processor, 512MB memory, additional memory card readers, all in an "ultra-portable, easy-to-handle" package.

The Carphone Warehouse says this is the first of a whole range of webbooks, powered by Elonex Technology, that they will offer.

Exact details of the mobile broadband package required to sign up to, how much it will be, and for how long, is yet to be confirmed.