Carphone Warehouse has announced that as of October they will be the first UK retailer to launch an exclusive "green" mobile phone charger.

This charger is the first of its kind and is set to pave the way in new phone technology by reducing damage to the environment and saving energy.

Unlike conventional mobile phone chargers that continue to use electricity for as long as the charger is connected to an electric socket, this brand new "environmentally responsible" charger stops using power as soon as the handset is fully charged.

With the news that 95% of energy used by all mobile phone chargers is wasted, unplugging chargers could save consumers £60 million a year and cut CO2 emissions by 250,000 tonnes, the amount of energy required to heat 54,000 homes for a year.

Compatible with all manufacturer's mobiles, this new environmentally-friendly mobile phone charger will be available exclusively from October 2007, pricing to be confirmed.