DSGi, the company that owns Dixons, Currys, and PC World, has today launched a new customer support service called The TechGuys that will potentially create 2000 new IT jobs.

The TechGuys will be a full-service support system that involves call out to homes and small businesses for repair, as well as 24-hour, 7-days-a-week phone contact.

The service is similar to Apple’s Genius Bar, where customers can make an appointment to visit an Mac Genius for problem solving tech tips, except that The TechGuys agents are on call and answer questions over the phone as well.

DSGi says that 3000 experienced advisors will be available for UK customers, who can tap into one of Europe’s largest technical database and a spare parts vault of 2 million components.

At launch, Technical support agents are already capable of visiting 16,000 homes per week.

DSGi knows there is a need for reliable tech support, which is supported by a survey revealing that 8 in 10 adults need help with everyday tech tasks, while 67% of those surveyed have thrown away electrical goods without trying to repair them.

The company believes that the market for this service is worth about £1 billion in the UK alone, and will potentially plunge £50 million into the service during a 5-year period.

During that period, DSGi aims to open 200 standalone service locations, as well as service at 150 PC World shops, which would create around 2000 new jobs.

The website is up and running now at