Carphone Warehouse is telling customers who have signed up for free TalkTalk broadband service to expect long delays before the service is installed.

About 340,000 people have signed up so far for the service since its launch in April, but some customers won't be connected until August.

The previous estimated date of installation was July, but unexpectedly high demand has forced the date back. Carphone Warehouse is quick to point out that not all customers will have to wait until August.

Caphone Warehouse chief executive Charles Dunstone writes in his blog, "My team have been working tirelessly to try to deal with the much greater than anticipated volume, and so far we have 280,000 of these customers making calls and paying their line rental through TalkTalk, with just over 100,000 now provisioned on Free Broadband".

He continues, "Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have strained to cope with the calls and emails, we continue to answer more calls every week and the queues to get through are gradually improving".