Carphone Warehouse has released a new fragrance for the Autumn/Winter phone season so people can enjoy the smell of unboxing their phone well beyond those first few moments of buying a new smartphone.

In a clearly tongue in cheek move, the room fragrance - simply dubbed "Unboxed" - will be available for customers to sniff and smell in more than 120 Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK from the 3 October.

"This is Unboxed, a brand new scent designed to recreate the sense of excitement you feel when you get a brand new mobile phone," explains Carphone in the blurb that comes with the new fragrance.

The new scent took aromachologists over 9 hours to create with CPW making the final decision from fifteen different varieties of scents.

"We played with a range of curious ingredients to get that perfect blend of phone materials, refined packaging, metallic electricity and luxurious exclusivity" says Gemma Hopkins, Founder of Design in Scent, the aromachologist charged with making the fragrance.


The end result?

"Sharp and addictive top notes create an exciting first impression of opening a brand new mobile phone," explains Carphone. "The Unboxed's luxurious heart notes of cedar and frankincense come alive to evoke a feeling of exclusivity and sophistication before the deep musk base notes combine to create a chic, elegant composition."

Unboxed will be available in 120 stores, although 25 specific stores, including London's Oxford Street and Manchester's Trafford Centre stores will be giving atomisers to the first customers who actually purchase a phone. Other stores will give out mobile phone shaped tester cards.

Does it smell like a freshly opened iPhone 8 or a new Pixel 2?

Sticking our noses in all the phone boxes we could find in the Pocket-lint offices suggested it's not quite on the money. While the new fragrance smells of something, we're not sure it smells of iPhone or Android.

Carphone isn't the first company to create a smell of something technological. Laptop accessory maker Twelve South once created a New Mac scented candle, while LG's Chocolate phone even came packaged to look like a box of chocolates complete with a whiff of chocolate scent when you opened the box for the first time.

Let us know what you think of the smell if you get a chance to experience it in store.