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(Pocket-lint) - As people in the UK settle into another long period locked down in their homes, and struggle to find solutions to the conundrums of homeschooling and home working, one of the issues rearing its head is the spectre of data charges.

With many people unable to afford regular broadband contracts, or forced into those with data caps, many are relying on their mobile plans to power their kids' education and connectivity, which can get expensive if allowances are exceeded.

Thankfully, some providers are taking steps to help out parents, and BT is the latest to step forward. It has already lifted the data usage limits on all its home broadband plans, and is now taking the fight to the mobile stage, too.

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It's announced that users won't get charged for data they use while visiting and using the BBC's Bitesize education site, a key resource for many parents and part of many online curriculums. This should help to avoid data allowances being exceeded where education is concerned.

That said, one of the principle issues remains around video calling, which is key to online education but costly on the data front. It's worth another reminder, then, that there is a government scheme to address that issue, which you can find more about on gov.uk. Individual schools may also have more information on how they can help parents cope with the increased costs they'll incur.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.