Xobni is a plugin for Outlook which allows you to make more of your connections with people. Building on the theory that you're likely to email - at some point - almost everyone you know, it builds up an address book for you - tying that address book in with services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Earlier in the year, news of a BlackBerry edition of the software appeared. The mobile version promised the same functionality and options but on a mobile device. It was originally promised for "the summer", but the release of the mobile app has now slipped to "early next year".

In a chat with Eric Grafstrom, Xobni's VP Sales and Business Development, Pocket-lint learnt that the company will also be bringing apps on more mobile platforms. Some are easier than others, though, said Grafstrom, and not much development has apparently taken place outside of the BlackBerry ecosystem yet.

The team are also working on making it easier for big companies to roll out Xobni on lots of computers at once, but desktop users shouldn't expect too many changes over the next 6 months or so. "More customization might be offered, more data sources, but no major new features", said Grafstrom.

And what do Xobni make of Wave, Google's attempt to rid the world of email? "It's interesting", said Grafstrom. "We've played with it, but we've not started developing for it yet. We have no near term plans in that area".

Xobni is a free download for Microsoft Outlook, and there's a paid version too which allows you to refine searches, view appointments and get better contact suggestions. The upgrade costs $30, one-off.