Newton Peripherals, the company that specialises in creating Bluetooth headsets and mice, has said they are working on a new Bluetooth headset that slots onto the back of a specially designed backplate for the latest BlackBerry handsets.

Currently in prototype state, the new backplate, which simply replaces the one on the phone, is capable of storing a Bluetooth headset that folds out to plug into your ear.

The company plan to offer Curve, Tour and Storm backplates before Christmas with a BlackBerry Bold version coming shortly after.

Users can change the headset without removing the backplate through either the in-built dedicated USB socket or via the charging points in a standard BlackBerry docking station.

The news comes as the company announced an iPhone case featuring a similar concept, allowing users who don't mind a slightly thicker phone a place to store their Bluetooth headset when out and about.

The iPhone version retails for $129.