Research in Motion is to add full Adobe Flash and Microsoft Sliverlight support to future BlackBerry devices according to sources online.

The news, which would drag the business devices kicking and screaming into being a truly consumer offering would allow users to watch videos on the go from their mobile phone, something that currently isn't possible on any BlackBerry handset.

"We've been gathering details over the past month or so on this, and it's pretty much confirmed: Research In Motion is planning on integrating full Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support into their BlackBerry web browser. Read that again boys and girls - full Flash support, not Flash lite", reports Boy Genius Report.

Before you cancel that order for another handset, BGR's source suggests that it will be some time before the feature is added to new handsets due to technical restrictions on the current handset offering from the company, predicting a summer 2010 launch.

The news is likely to scare operators around the world into how they will deliver the possible millions of video and high data streams that flash integration will allow.