RIM has announced that it will be creating yet another smartphone model, this time the BlackBerry Tour that sits in between the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Bold handsets, and that's right, Pocket-lint was on hand when the new phone came to New York for the evening.

The new handset, which will be available on Verizon and Sprint to begin with in the US, will sport the same key design as the Blackberry Bold albeit slightly smaller, come with the companies brightest screen to date and feature all the usual bells and whistles you come to expect from the company's smartphones.

Considerably wider than the Curve 8900, the new model will come in two colours.

Before you get excited about a possible "Wasabi green" version, the colour options range between black with a titanium coloured bezel on Verizon to black with a silver bezel on Sprint. Exciting.

The new handset is expected out later this year. Currently no UK operator has announced that it will be stocking the handset in the UK.