While Xobni continues to impress Outlook users looking to improve their email client, news has leaked out on the web that the company is developing a BlackBerry version.

According to TechCrunch, who have a leaked picture of the app in action, the company is hoping to do the same for the BlackBerry inbox as it has for Microsoft Outlook users on the PC.

"The app was working, and could be released sometime this summer, according to my source. The photo above shows the app on a Blackberry Bold, and appears to be showing off its contact search functionality. You type in a few letters, and it returns the contact information for every match in your inbox (even people who you haven’t necessarily added to your address book yet). I wonder what else it can do", questions the site that covers startups.

Xobni, which is inbox backwards, is a bolt-on for Outlook that promises to organise your inbox by relationships.

Displayed as a sidebar in Outlook, Xobni's proprietary technology claims to analyse email in the same way your brain naturally understands communication.

The data provided by Xobni looks at how you've communicated with your contacts, how they've interacted with each other and what files have been exchanged.

Yet to be launched on the Mac, commentators believe that the company is going after the BlackBerry userbase over the iPhone because PC Outlook users are more likely to be BlackBerry users as well.

The new BlackBerry app, according to the story, is expected sometime over the summer.

UPDATE: The company has now confirmed that it is making a BlackBerry version of the software, however falls short of detailing any features. "This summer we will launch Xobni for Blackberry" is all the company seems to be saying at the moment.

We will keep you posted.