It only went on sale at the beginning of the week, but those still tempted by the £1000 limited edition BlackBerry Bold from Selfridges had better get a move on, as the store has already almost sold out.

Selfridges has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it has already sold six of the 10 limited edition yellow BlackBerry Bold handsets commissioned to celebrate the store's 100th birthday.

Worse still for those pondering a purchase, the Oxford Street department store suggests it will have sold all 10 by the weekend.

"We've sold six in two days with another two earmarked already," the man in charge of helping them go to good homes told us.

Clearly not affected by the recession, the six proud owners of numbers 1,2,3,7,8, and 10 get the Pantone 109 yellow backed handset complete with yellow number buttons and a certificate of authenticity in a black, and of course yellow, box.

Each of the handsets - numbered from one to ten cost a cool £1000.

If the price seems a little rich, we've managed to grab some hands on time so you can enjoy that bright yellow from your computer.