MySpace has announced new enhancements for its BlackBerry app, which launched in November to 400,000 downloads in the first week.

Firstly the app is now available in four more languages, namely French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Users will also be able to view their MySpace friend updates from within the application, and clicking on any thumbnail on the update page will take you to the full screen version of the photo.

As for band profiles, MySpace is now adding tour dates and information on upcoming shows such as date, address, venue and cost.

Notifications and messages have had improvements too, so now there is no time lag between receiving a message online and on your mobile. Users can also now save, open, edit and delete drafts, as well as view and hide sent items.

However, to take advantage of all this, users will also have to put up with ads, as MySpace says its BlackBerry app is its first with MySpace advertising support on it.

If you want to download the new enhanced app, head to the BlackBerry MySpace website from your mobile or desktop browser.