RIM has revealed the official name for its coming-soon store for BlackBerry applications - the "BlackBerry App World".

On a holding page for the service on RIM's site, the company is encouraging BlackBerry owners to sign up (and get PayPal accounts - needed to purchase apps) with the following message:

"Coming soon! Find tons of great applications designed for your BlackBerry smartphone in one convenient place - BlackBerry App World. Personalise your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networks, personal productivity applications and so much more. Message your best friend, track the stock market, or channel your inner rock god. Sign up for BlackBerry App World today and discover how to put more of your life on your BlackBerry smartphone".

Paid for applications are to be priced from a minimum of £2.59 up to £8.55 with the option for developers to offer free apps too.

In addition, RIM is offering ten "tips" for developers creating apps for the store, that read as follows:

1) Does it just work?
2) Will it pass the traffic light test?
3) Does it anticipate users’ actions?
4) Does it integrate with the BlackBerry experience?
5) Will it minimise battery drain?
6) Does it capitalise on “push”?
7) Does it use wireless access judiciously?
8) Does it work offline as well as online?
9) Does it have a responsive user interface?
10) Does it utilise device specific features?

The BlackBerry App World is due to launch in the US, Canada and the UK later this month - we will keep you posted.