Blackberry users will be able to access the companies application store on all BlackBerry handsets by March, makers RIM have confirmed to Pocket-lint.

Although BlackBerry Storm users will already be able to access the application store via the application centre, all OS4.2 handsets including the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve users, will have to download a new software update via the desktop PC application and sideload it into the handset to gain access to the applications on offer.

The store will offer a range of free and paid-for apps from launch, as it tries to convince customers into staying or opting for the BlackBerry handsets over competing offerings such as the the Palm Pre, iPhone or G1.

In an aggressive move, RIM has told Pocket-lint that it will only charge publishers looking to develop and sell apps in the store a 20% fee, compared to Apple who currently charges 30% and Nokia who announced on Monday that it would also charge 30% of the revenue made by publishers.

RIM has said that it will accept payment by Paypal to start, with the option to allow operators to offer a "charge to bill" option in the future.

We will keep you posted.