Vodafone has been mooting that the BlackBerry Storm is due another update soon, but for those who can't wait, the latest update, version, has leaked online.

Found by BlackBerry fan site Crackberry.com, the new OS update reportedly fixes a number of bugs, adds still much needed stability, as well as, adding a full qwerty keyboard for use in portrait mode so users don't have to rely on the SureType offering.

Not an official release users looking to upgrade are suggested to do so at their own risk.

The Storm, which launched in November, came into criticism for a number of bugs and issues experienced by users with high profile gadget fans such as Steven Fry openly criticising the phone. A lot of those issues were fixed in the last update pushed out over the air or via a sync with the PC software just before Christmas.

We are awaiting a comment from Vodafone as to when the official release will hit Storm customers in the UK.

We will keep you posted.