The Verizon-issued BlackBerry Storm has been released to the public with a buggy operating system, reports are suggesting.

US blog The Boy Genius Report claims to have got hold of internal docs from Verizon that are a kind of troubleshooting guide for staff to warn them about the OS faults, so they don't issue new hardware to complaining customers.

It's suggested that the flawed v4.7.0.65 firmware that the device shipped with will be replaced with an over-the-air download in December, but in the meantime, users are reporting niggles and problems with RIM's first touchscreen phone.

Issues, of which there is a full list on the BGR site, are said to include the volume increasing to the highest level if users are listening to music on a headset when a call comes in, the handset randomly re-setting itself, issues with the radio, and problems entering special characters on the virtual keyboard.