RIM is planning to offer its BlackBerry smartphones on a pre-paid, or pay as you go basis, a report suggests.

Traditionally RIM's BlackBerrys - even more consumer aimed models - have been offered on contracts due to the nature of the push email subscription.

Offering the devices on a non-contract basis would open up the market for RIM to include pay as you go consumers - over 50% of mobile phone users.

This would also target people on a limited budget, or those who cannot get credit approval for a monthly contract as well as those who just don't want to opt for a lengthy contract.

The Canadian company is said to be mulling two options, one is offering a full-price device in addition to a pre-paid cards for services and calls, the other is dubbed "BlackBerry in a box" that would give the user one year's access to RIM's services.

Said to be due to launch next year, we'll keep you informed as and when more information in revealed.