The BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Pearl Flip and BlackBerry Storm Smartphones are all to get DataViz Documents To Go Premium Edition and PDF To Go tools.

The new version of the office suite will allow owners of the three BlackBerry phones to view, edit and create native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments.

And it also includes support for Office 2007 on BlackBerry smartphones.

PDF To Go allows users to view native PDF files on their smartphones, and will be offered as a free bonus application for customers who purchase Documents To Go Premium Edition.

"Documents To Go Standard Edition has been a big hit with BlackBerry smartphone users and we are now very pleased that DataViz is offering customers even greater document editing flexibility with the introduction of its Premium Edition and free 30 day trial", said Jeff McDowell, Vice President of Global Alliances, Research In Motion.

Documents To Go Premium Edition is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and can be purchased as a non-expiring license for $69.99 or as a one year subscription for $49.99.