Over here in the UK, just earlier this month, we reported that Orange had suspended sales of the BlackBerry Bold smartphone.

A leaked internal Orange memo read: "Following reports of software issues with the BlackBerry Bold handset across a variety of mobile operators, Orange has decided to act in the interest of its customers by suspending shipments of the device in the UK", reads the statement.

"We are currently awaiting feed back from RIM as to when an industry wide fix for these issues will be in place, and expect this suspension to be an interim measure. We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause you."

Well let's hope the issues are resolved by the beginning of next month, when AT&T will start selling the phone to its customers in the States.

The Bold is coming to stores on 4 November, but this is after a delay. (Could this have been a rapid bug fix to mend the probs Orange customers were suffering from?)

AT&T customers can expect prices "as low as" $299.

Says Gizmodo: "The mail-in rebate is for $100, and if you're not down with a 2-year agreement, the Bold will run $375 with a one-year contract (and the same $100 mail-in rebate), and $550 with no contract".

For those of our friends in the States, who may be interested in the BlackBerry Bold, it can be used in the most countries abroad, including more than 60 with 3G networks.

And AT&T is hoping for big sales: "The BlackBerry Bold is the best BlackBerry smartphone ever, backed by the nation’s fastest 3G network and the hands-down best international coverage of any carrier", said a modest Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive officer of AT&T Mobility.

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