One slide show we might actually be persuaded to sit through - top secret staff manuals and customer user guides have been leaked for the BlackBerry Storm.

US blog Boy Genius Report has received a wedge of leaked (presumably smuggled out) paperwork relating to the forthcoming touchscreen BlackBerry from RIM.

There's pages and pages to wade through, but highlights include more info on that much-discussed "response click" touch interface, described as "a more natural typing experience - you feel as though you are pressing keys as you type".

Another revelation comes in the form of how copy and paste works on the Storm, "put one finger at the beginning, and another finger at the end of the area you want to copy. Slide those two fingers together and you have yourself a highlight".

The documents relate to the Verizon, and therefore US, launch of the phone, so there may be some slight variations when the device debuts in the UK - expected to be sometime this week.