It's been revealed that RIM plans to release a set of new tools for Mac-using BlackBerry owners within the first half of 2009.

Said to address the longstanding complaints from Mac users about insufficient software support for the platform, the news has come from an anonymous RIM insider.

BlackBerry owners with Macs can't perform functions which are built-in to users running Microsoft Windows with RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, that's bundled with every BlackBerry device.

There are currently alternatives for Mac users, but none offer full functionality. "We know that we don't have an ideal solution for Mac users", the RIM source said. "It's something that's been on our radar since 2004, at least."

"In terms of a strategy, we want to do well by our customers. Whether that translates into something that RIM develops or licenses or pays for a third party to build, I can't say at this point. We're trying the best that we can to get a better experience out for Mac users."