Got $4056.99 to spare? Want a mobile phone that hasn't be launched yet? Then you need to nip over to eBay and get your hands on the BlackBerry Javelin, the rumoured replacement for the BlackBerry Curve.

The auction, which finishes on the 18 September, gives you an unlocked handset and a battery to run it.

RIM hasn't officially announced the BlackBerry Javelin yet, however that hasn't stopped the Internet talking about and discussing the device in detail.

According to the auction posting, the new Javelin will sport a 512MHz Processor, hot-swappable microSD slot - located under the battery door, 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display, 3.2MP camera and Micro-USB charging/syncing port, w/ high speed data.

Prospective buyers looking to call this a hoax will be pleased to see two images, which don't look Photoshopped, and the seller, rogersunlocking having an eBay rating of 934 and 99.5% positive feedback rating.

Based in Canada, the good news for us Brits is that the seller is offering international shipping, however you've got to get in touch to find out how much.