RIM, the maker of the BlackBerry, has announced that it is going against the grain of most manufacturers and teaming up with Microsoft rather than Google in a new search deal for business folk on the go.

The two companies announced on Thursday that they are working together to integrate Live Search capabilities into the BlackBerry Browser and BlackBerry Maps.

Although no date has been set as yet, the plan will be to let BlackBerry users use Microsoft Live Search as their search engine of choice rather than Google within the BlackBerry Browser as well as access Live Search from mobile.BlackBerry.com.

The move bucks the trend from most mobile phone manufacturers to include Google search on their handsets. Sony Ericsson has taken this love affair with Google one step further by even creating a dedicated Google button on handsets.

BlackBerry customers will also be able to use Live Search to perform contextual, location-sensitive searches or look for nearby points of interest from inside BlackBerry Maps.

The new service is expected to go live later this year.

In related news MySpace and RIM announced they are joining forces to develop an integrated MySpace Mobile experience customised for BlackBerry handsets.