It might not be official but that doesn't mean that it can't have a name change.

The latest rumours, this time from Engadget mobile, suggest that the touchscreen BlackBerry that hopes to spoil the Apple iPhone touchscreen party, will get a name change in the US.

The details, which are based on an leaked packaging template, also give hints as to what we can expect beyond the touchscreen interface.

Features listed on the side of the box include a 3.5mm stereo jack for your headphones, 8GB SanDisk microSD card and a SIM card pre-installed.

Currently going under the moniker of the Thunder, the 9530 model will in fact change its name to Storm and get an exclusive Verizon launch in the US later this year.

According to the article, however, there's need for us Brits to worry. Vodafone is reported to be happy to keep the Thunder name.

Rogers in Canada will also be using Thunder nametag.

When can we expect to see the Thunder? No word as yet, however with a leak of what is supposedly official packaging on Engadget on Thursday, and previous rumours hinting at a 13 October launch, it can surely only be a matter of time.

We will keep you posted.