Naysayers said that rumours of HSBC going iPhone over RIM was the result of fanboys getting too excited about the mobile phone, and now it seems they were right.

According to CBC news: HSBC has refuted the claims its going iPhone:

"There are no current plans to replace the BlackBerry", HSBC spokesman Donal McCarthy said Tuesday from the bank's headquarters in London. "It is the business standard."

The news, is likely to come as a breath of fresh air to RIM, the makers of the BlackBerry has they plan to roll out its latest handset, the BlackBerry Bold, this month around the globe.

Earlier in the month ZDNet Australia reported that the multinational bank, HSBC, was about to ditch its BlackBerrys and opt for the next-gen iPhone.

"We are actually reviewing iPhones from a HSBC Group perspective ... and when I say that, I mean globally", HSBC's Australia and New Zealand chief information officer Brenton Hush told at the time.

So is it a backtrack, a misquoted quote, or the latest story just a cover up before the bank goes Appletastic?