3, the mobile operator, has said that it is launching the BlackBerry Bold in the UK as its first BlackBerry device.

The Bold, which is RIM's latest handset, will sport a HSDPA and Wi-Fi connection and promise greater consumer focus to business users.

However, 3 has told Pocket-lint that it will not be the first operator to offer the new handset in the UK. That pleasure, according to a 3 spokesman, will go to Vodafone.

According to the spokesman, "Vodafone will be launching the handset it the next two weeks".

Vodafone however would never confirm or deny the rumour, however suggested to Pocket-lint that: "We are hoping to launch the Bold before 1st November".

3 has also confirmed to Pocket-lint that the 3 version of the handset will feature the Skype client built-in for their VoIP offerings.