It's not even official yet, however that hasn't stopped the rumours of the new BlackBerry 9000, the web's worst kept secret spawning a second rumour, that there will be more than one model.

According to Boy Genius Report, Research In Motion is planning a sub 9000 model that won't sport 3G for those looking to keep the price or contract commitments down.

Quoting what appears to be an orthographic drawing of the new phone the site also states that the there are also a few changes to the design like a larger bezel around the front, and a whole different back case.

The BlackBerry 9000 is rumoured to be launching in the summer and has already, albeit briefly, turned up for sale on eBay. The latest rumours suggest that RIM is now planning on delaying the launch as to not clash with the also rumoured launch of the 3G iPhone from Apple.

We will keep you posted.