RIM has introduced the BlackBerry "Owners Lounge" in the UK.

Aimed at helping BlackBerry-ers get "the most from both their work and personal lives" through their phone, it's a bold claim.

An online platform designed for BlackBerry smartphone users who want to get the most from their BlackBerry experience, RIM promises a "VIP" experience to those who sign up.

There's a wealth of information on BlackBerry models and access to thousands of "fun and practical" lifestyle applications plus exclusive offers, discounts and competitions.

Once you sign up, the content is tailored to a member's choice of device, industry sector, usage and interests, which RIM says makes the experience unique, relevant and engaging.

The content is divided into four areas, in RIM's words:

* Tools for Success - a complete range of resources for users enabling them to make the most of the BlackBerry solution in both work and play; including Facebook, B-List, Google Messenger, Yahoo, etc...

* Exclusives - which gives members the opportunity to benefit from an exciting range of exclusive offers and discounts.

* Latest News - where members can get all the latest BlackBerry news

* Coming Soon - which will offer a preview of new services offered from BlackBerry Alliance partners.

Any BlackBerry smartphone users in the UK can sign up for the BlackBerry Owners Lounge for free at www.blackberry.co.uk/ownerslounge.