BlackBerry's rumoured 9000 series device has turned up in confidential documents from Vodafone, although not named as such.

The new device, a top tier flagship 8000 series handset Pocket-lint reported on at the end of 2007 will be positioned at senior executives and built on a brand new platform utilising the new Tavor chipset providing blazing performance according to the document.

Other features of the device which is set to launch in May 2008 will be 3.6 HSDPA, quad-band and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with GPS, a 2 megapixel camea, VGA colour display (480 x 320) and of course a full qwerty keyboard.

The news was broken by American website,

The site also has leaked documents showing the RIM's 8110 Pearl will be coming to Vodafone later this month, following the exclusivity agreement coming to an end with o2.

We expect more details at 3GSM next month.

We will keep you posted.