The Boy Genius Report has revealed what they are calling the BlackBerry 9xxx.

Their insider source has apparently let slip that this smartphone, due in 2008, would signify a change of direction for RIM, who, with the exception of the consumer-aimed Pearl, stick to the same form factor for their popular range.

As the rather ropey image suggests, RIM are going down the touchscreen route for this new offering, which somehow seems harder to believe than the other proposed specs, considering how much RIM's design and interface is a part of their success.

Supposedly touted a speedy 600MHz processor, this will be 3.5G with HSPDA connectivity, will also offer Wi-Fi hook up and will boast a Backup/Restore function.

We would ignore these specs and image on an anonymous blog, but the BGR team have proved to have inside sources before, although we can't help but think this is more likely an in-house prototype-style project rather than anything that will be hitting the market soon.

Although, saying that, we'd certainly be glad to be proved wrong, so we will keep an eye on this and let you know more.