Rumours of the BlackBerry Pearl 2, known as the 8120, have been doing the rounds for a while now.

The new device is supposedly launching in September, but these are the first photos we've seen.

These spy shots were leaked onto a BlackBerry forum site and appear to be shots of an in-house "evaluation" model.

As those familiar with the original Pearl will note, it seems the keypad has been given a tweak and that gold sheen is not a trick of the light - it's one of the colours the device is rumoured to come in, along with black, red, titanium and blue.

Apparently the GPS/Wi-Fi combo that was hoped for is not happening, the 8120 does get Wi-Fi connectivity, but not GPS.

RIM's first Pearl - announced late last year, was a result of the the company's attempt to gets BlackBerrys "out of the boardroom" and was firmly aimed at consumers.

We'll keep you informed of any other BlackBerry-flavoured tidbits that emerge...