BlackBerry users could soon be able to transfer files wirelessly between their handheld device and their PC wherever they are according to an analyst in the US.

Dubbed the BlackBerry Home Server, the system would operate in a similar fashion to RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Scotia Capital's Gus Papageorgiou said in a report on Thursday.

“Anybody who has an MP3 player and a mobile phone is a target for this service”, Papageorgiou said in an interview.

The news, if true would allow Research in Motion to appeal to consumers looking for more than just email on the go.

Papageorgiou has said that the software would allow the user to organise their digital media, in a manner similar to Apple's iTunes program.

“People talk about convergence, and right now, for the most part it's all talk”, he said. “But RIM is the only company that has a convergence platform, because they have the [network operating centre]. The NOC can tie in your PC to your mobile phone, so that one is always in touch with the other.”