A recent Ipsos Reid survey, commissioned by BlackBerry, looked at the time saving benefits of BlackBerry smartphones.

According to the survey, users of RIM's smartphone save themselves a whole hour every day revealing that a typical BlackBerry user converts 60 minutes of downtime into productive time per day.

The survey results also found that the average BlackBerry user gets through 2500 time sensitive emails and over 1200 phone calls in a year while they're on the move.

With this extra time on your hands, the BlackBerry team has provided some suggestions of things you could do to make the most of your extra 60 minutes a day...

Master darts
Learn a martial art
Spring clean your MP3 player's playlists
Alphabetise your DVD collection
Learning to play the guitar
Take your dad for a mid-week pub lunch
Go speed-dating
Update your CV
Read a book
Upload somes photos to Flickr
Give blood

We disagree however, and think that those precious extra minutes should be used reading all the best gadget and tech news and reviews on Pocket-lint.co.uk, or catching up with the latest episode of Megawhat.tv ... a much better use of your time.