A development to the technology of the BlackBerry Pearl means users can now transfer handwritten notes into their handhelds using a digital pen and paper.

Ideally for those who regularly need to fill in forms, the written data is sent first to the BlackBerry's screen to check, and then back to base over the mobile network.

It uses digital writing technology, which overlays the paper, a blank sheet or a printed form, with a dot pattern that's picked up by a camera in the tip of the pen. The pen records the marks you make, which are then turned into a digital copy of the form to re-create a complete page.

Destiny Wireless developed the routing software working to enable the smart phone to collect data from the pen over Bluetooth and then forward it for processing. This technique now works with several BlackBerrys, including the Pearl and 8800. The company already has similar software for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java-capable handsets.