Garmin's presence at the 3GSM conference is primarily to show off its mapping systems for mobile phones, including the latest BlackBerry.

Garmin Mobile delivers satnav functionality to BlackBerrys, the latest of which, the 8800, incorporates its own GPS receiver.

The application is an "off-board" solution, meaning that all mapping data is stored on Garmin's servers, not on the BlackBerry itself, so it won't be taking up valuable memory, and users will always have access to the most up-to-date mapping available.

It also means that BlackBerry users must have access to a data network service.

For those using older BlackBerrys, Garmin offers the GPS 10x, a portable GPS sensor, or the GPS 20SM mount.

Garmin Mobile 10 is available with the GPS10x, which is useful for those who aren't always in the car, and want to use their mobile on foot as well.

Garmin Mobile 20 is for those who only need satnav in their car, as the receiver is incorporated into the GPS 20SM mount.

The BlackBerry edition of Garmin Mobile is a yearly subscription-based service.