Details of a new 3G enabled BlackBerry have been leaked on the Internet today.

Surfacing on, a site that specialises in "offering expertise finding you the right tariff" the new device, called the BlackBerry 8707v is based on the BlackBerry 8700 launched earlier this year.

Although BlackBerry's owner Research in Motion has yet to official launch the phone the leaked details imply that the phone will offer 3G connectivity and have the same 320x240 colour LCD display present on the BlackBerry 8700.

Like the 2G version it will offer Bluetooth, speakerphone and 64MB of memory.

BlackBerry fans have been screaming for a 3G enabled handset from day one and the news will mean that users will be able to access the Internet at considerably faster speeds than on a stanard GSM connection.

Pocket-lint contacted BlackBerry, they refused to comment on the launch of the handset.

We will keep you posted.