Following the announcement of the Blackberry 7100v last week from RIM, Vodafone has today announced that it will be bringing the new model into the UK on a exclusive deal.

Available 1 October, this single, integrated device combines voice capability with intuitive BlackBerry functionality. The device price will range from free of charge to customers on Anytime 400 or 1000 to £82.50 for Anytime 100 customers.

The BlackBerry 7100v from Vodafone comes in two formats: BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and BlackBerry Internet Solution. It is easy to set up and use, featuring the Vodafone branded customer interface and BlackBerry push technology that enables emails to be delivered direct to the handset without the need for manual dial-up.

The model has a new keyboard design that assigns two letters per key in an attempt to make a smaller unit.