BlackBerry Mobile will reveal its next handset on Thursday 7 June, at a dedicated event being held in New York.

It will unveil the BlackBerry Key2, as revealed by the company itself in teasers and tweets over the last few weeks. We now also know exactly what the handset will look like with a latest massive leak of press images.

Twitter leakmeister @evleaks has posted three pictures of the BlackBerry Key2, in different poses. And you can see many of the features also leaked in the past - including an official tease about the phone's camera from BlackBerry Mobile itself.

The shots show a sleek, thin device, with a more rounded QWERTY keyboard than its predecessor, the BlackBerry KeyOne.

Just flick through the images in the lead above to see what we mean.

Other, previously leaked details on the BlackBerry Key2 suggest a phone running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor with 6GB of RAM and a possible 3,500mAh battery.

It might not be the most powerful phone on the market after launch, but the KeyOne proved that there is still a lot of interest in a phone with a physical keyboard.

We'll bring you more during the event on 7 June. It starts at 3pm UK time.

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