(Pocket-lint) - After recently confirming it will officially launch the Key2 on 7 June at an event in New York, BlackBerry Mobile (under the ownership of TCL) has now posted a video to its YouTube account, teasing and confirming a few of the features we can expect to see when it arrives.

Chief among the confirmations is the jump to a dual-lens camera system. It was something we already expected after some images showing all angles of the phone were leaked via Slashleaks, but BlackBerry has just put the nail in the coffin and confirmed the news. It doesn't tell us the megapixel count however, and so far no industry analysts have made any real suggestions, so we'll wait a while before speculating on that one. 

Also shown off in the teaser video is a mysterious new key in the bottom right of the physical keyboard. Again, this is a feature that has been alluded to before, in some supposed hands-on images posted to Chinese social site Weibo. The thinking is the key will launch the app drawer, but BlackBerry may have other plans.

Given the name of the video "An Icon Reborn", the key could well be the reincarnation of the BlackBerry Button found on the Bold and Curve phones. This key had various functions, and in BBOS 10 it's function changed depending on whatever app you were using. However, without official confirmation, this is merely speculation for now. 

The keys on the keyboard appear to be flatter too, something that was noticeable from the hands-on images. This, along with increased spacing between the rows of keys, should make typing easier. The video also takes a flying view past the right hand edge, where we can see four buttons. One is the volume rocker, another will likely be for power since there's no button on the left, and the final one will likely be BlackBerry's programmable Convenience Key. 

Elsewhere we're expecting a Snapdragon 660 processor with 6GB RAM and a possible 3,500mAh battery. Rumours for other specs remain thin on the ground. Looks like we really will have to wait until 7 June to find out all there is to know about the BlackBerry Key2.

Writing by Max Langridge.