BlackBerry Mobile will hold a launch event next month for its follow-up to the BlackBerry KeyOne.

Now officially named BlackBerry Key2 (rather than KeyTwo, as many had been calling it), the new handset will be revealed in New York in June.

Here then are the details on the BlackBerry Key2 launch, including the time it starts and what we know about the handset so far.

As teased on BlackBerry's official Twitter account, the BlackBerry Key2 will be unveiled during an upcoming event on Thursday 7 June at 10am EDT in New York.

Timings for the event in key locations are below:

  • UK: 3pm BST
  • US East Coast: 10am EDT
  • US West Coast: 7am PDT
  • Central Europe: 4pm CEST
BlackBerry (Twitter)Blackberry image 2

We have asked BlackBerry Mobile whether a livestream of the launch will be available to view online. We'll update this when we hear back.

We would imagine that such a big launch will be available to watch and will hope to host it here closer the time.

BlackBerry Mobile, which is owned by manufacturer TCL Communication these days, used the tagline "an icon reborn" in relation to the event - referring to the replacement for the KeyOne.

You can also clearly see emoji for a key, the number 2 and a set of eyes in the tweet. And, as if that wasn't obvious enough, the BlackBerry Key2 logo appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

There is little doubt, therefore, that the BlackBerry Key2 will be unveiled in full during the event.

Hands-on images of the Key2 surfaced earlier this month - showing a device that looks a lot like the KeyOne.

To view all the speculation and leaks about the phone in one place, see Pocket-lint's extensive BlackBerry Key2 rumour round-up.

If there's one company that, by all accounts, should have been killed off by the smartphone revolution started by the iPhone in 2007, it's BlackBerry. For years, the company was hampered by its insistence on sticking with its own operating system, and by its legions of physical keyboard-needing fans. Then, came the KeyOne: the first Android-powered BlackBerry with a physical keyboard, beneath the screen.

If there was ever a device to convince BlackBerry loyalists to jump onboard Android, the KeyOne was it. Launched in 2017, it's a more complete package than the Priv was, and is a much more compelling device than either of the two most recent all-touch phones. But, at £499, the KeyOne isn't cheap considering its specification. However, there's literally nothing else like it on the market - it's a truly standout device. Until the Key2, anyway.

Whatever you think of BlackBerry, it's great to have something different in the world of Android. We're excited to see how the company improves upon the KeyOne; Pocket-lint will bring you the latest, as it's announced.