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(Pocket-lint) - People still buy BlackBerry phones.

It's easy to dismiss the company since Apple and Android completely dominate the mobile space, but BlackBerry still exists, and its chugging along, pumping out new devices every so often. Now, according to leaker Evan Blass, there is a new BlackBerry smartphone coming down the pipeline. It's called BlackBerry Motion, and it appears to be an all-touchscreen follow up to last year's DTEK50.

TCL produced that phone, which, in our review, we found delivered a frustrating overall experience. It has a nice screen, decent camera, and feels great in hand, but at the time, we said there were better phones out there for a similar price. The only thing the BlackBerry DTEK50 really had going for it is the added security, so it'll be interesting to see if the Motion brings more to the table.

As you can see from the leaked image posted by Blass, the phone appears to have a headphone jack at the bottom, USB-C port and a speaker on the right side, and three buttons on the side, one of which - the longer one - is likely a volume rocker, and the power button should be below that. Could the other one be a convenience key for launching different apps? Who knows. We're just speculating.

The top and bottom bezels also appear to be different sizes. The bottom one, which seems a tad bit bigger, houses a home button and probably capacitive buttons on either side of it. But that's all we can glean from this leak. As for the specs, rumours have suggested it’ll have a 1080p screen, a midrange Snapdragon processor, and a 4,000mAh battery.

Stay tuned. We'll update you when we know more.

Writing by Elyse Betters.