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(Pocket-lint) - The Priv has barely hit the shelves, and BlackBerry's surprise Android hit is ready to receive its first software update. 

No, it isn't Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it does bring a range of enhancements, as well as kicking off the monthly security updates that BlackBerry promised us at launch.

The update is a 475MB over-the-air update and your Priv should automatically alert you to the fact that there's a software update waiting. If you want to force the phone to check for it, head into Settings > About phone > System updates and it will check the servers. 

BlackBerry has detailed that the first to get the update will be those who purchased the Priv through the BlackBerry store. Those who got a device from a network will have to wait until 7 December for the update. 

The first OS update brings the promised Android security updates, but also targets some performance issues, aiming to improve stability and reduce crashes or freezing, as well as speeding things up.

The camera is also in for a treat, and should have better low-light performance following the update.

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But that's not all. There are also updates incoming for a number of apps on the device, and these will be rolled out via the Google Play store, as per normal Android app updates. These will arrive on 14 December.

The big thing here will be for WhatsApp users, with integration of WhatsApp messages into BlackBerry Hub. That means more of your messaging all in one place.

There will also be wider language support for the keyboard, more notifcations for the DTEK app, and the camera will again get some love, with more filters added. 

We're still waiting for the update to arrive on our BlackBerry Priv, but we get the feeling that this is going to be popular. Android users love an update, and BlackBerry is giving them exactly what they want.

Good show, BB, good show.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 1 December 2015.