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(Pocket-lint) - BlackBerry has finally launched the Priv, its latest handset, making the switch to Android.

It's looking to bring together the best features of BlackBerry with the best of Android, launching a flagship-spec handset with a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as the full touchscreen experience Android is known for. 

If you're thinking about making the switch from BlackBerry to Android, here are some of the highlights you can look forward to. 

That BlackBerry keyboard

That's right, you have a full QWERTY keyboard on the BlackBerry Priv and it's a keyboard you'll know and love. Importantly, the keyboard feels and behaves like the BB keyboard you expect it to be.

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It offers the capacitive swipe controls like the Passport for navigation without touching the display, as well as retaining common BlackBerry shortcuts to help you quickly compose messages. 

BlackBerry Hub as you know and love it

BlackBerry Hub has been lifted out of BB 10 and now sits pretty on Android. It's similar to the original BB version, but fits neatly into Android's material design. It's not as deeply integrated as BB 10, dealing here with messaging only, rather than system alerts too. 

It integrates all your messaging (well, most of it), as well as your calendar, and is a really powerful tool for staying organised. On the Priv you can switch off syncing with your Google Accounts and leave it to Hub to manage things. And yes, it's still really easy to mark everything as read.

It's Android!

Sure, we know you love BB 10. But Android has enjoyed an explosion in popularity, it's widely supported and you'll be able to get the latest apps, like your smart heating controls or catch-up TV apps that mean developers refused to natively bring to BB 10. 

You also get the full Google experience, with Maps, Photos, Play Movies and the rest of it. Yes, you'll be casting content, sharing anything and enjoying the big wide world of Android in no time. Perhaps you'll consider an Android Wear smartwatch

Choose your onscreen keyboard

If you've struggled with onscreen keyboards in the past, then welcome to this brave new world. While the Priv comes with the onscreen keyboard you'll find on the Leap or Z30, it's easy to change for something better.

SwiftKey is a free download and it's faster, offers trace entry, and the prediction is better offering your next two words. Try it and trust us: this is a better experience. 

Notifications, notifications, notifications

The notifications on Android are some of the best around. From the lock screen through to the swipe down notifications pane, they are very versatile offering loads of options. There are direct actions from notifications and lots of control over what gives you what type of notification when.

But don't worry, you still get the blinking LED to alert you to incoming messages.

Want to know more?

We have a full review of the BlackBerry Priv for you to read, or if you'd like to see how it compares to other big Android devices, we've lined them all up for comparison.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 5 November 2015.