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(Pocket-lint) - When BlackBerry executive Ron Louks held up a previously announced slider phone at Mobile World Congress earlier this year it took many if not all by surprise. It was only a tease - wasn't even named - but represented an interesting new direction for the company.

Since then we have learnt that it is to be called the BlackBerry Venice - its codename at least. And we've seen a few pictures pop up here and there.

The latest are clearer than anything else seen so far however, as they appear to be leaked press images or marketing material. And one of the two pictures posted by Evan Blass (renowned leakmeister @evleaks) also reveals a few key facts.

Blass also claims that the phone will be launched in November, in the US anyway. He says that the phone with a slide-out keyboard will be available from then on all four US carriers. There is currently no word on a UK release.

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One of his images show the phone extended, with the slider element exposed, while the other offers a few clues as to features it could come with. And one of those is Google Play.

@evleaksthis is the blackberry venice slider phone coming in november and with google play store image 2

Of course, access to Android apps is nothing new to owners BlackBerry 10 smartphones. However, being able to access the actual Google Play Store legitimately (it is possible to install it already through hacks) will be exciting for BlackBerry fans who want Google services, like Google Maps.

The other tiles in the leaked marketing material suggest easy transfer for users if upgrading from another BlackBerry device and support to mirror content onto computers, TVs and tablets.

Although Blass isn't specific about the actual date of release, it has been previously suggested that it could be 16 November.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 August 2015.